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All About Part of Me

I have quite a lot of things about me that I could say. But, in summary, a phrase that describes me is “a forming masterpiece.” As for petty details about me, they can all be summarized as “Renaissance.” Thank you, spell-check.

But I should elaborate. So here are even more nitty-gritty details about me:


1. The Violin. I love, love, love my violins. I have an electric and an acoustic (Neko-Neko and Hobbes, respectively). I have been playing for four years this Spring. I am in two orchestras and a band this year.

2. Reading. I adore words. Words of any language, really. I’ve been reading since about the age of six or seven.

3. Gaming. Board, card, or video, I enjoy all, so long as it’s fun to play.

4. Listening to music. I’m more of a type-of-music person than a fan-of-artist person. I’m currently going through a Swing Jazz genre faze right now (Frank Sinatra and people like him). I also really like Mozart and his Requiems.

5. Dancing. I have a history of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip-Hop classes that causes me to occasionally break out in improvisational dance moves. I also really like Swing Dancing, Waltzing, Two-Step, and whatever anyone else is willing to teach me.

6. Writing. I took an IEW Course when I was nine and I haven’t stopped writing since. I like to think I’m good at it.


Christian conservative who loves discussing philosophy and seeking Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.


I grew up in a trailer park in some suburb between two really cool cities and had lots of opportunities. My family wasn’t always well off, but God helped us through all of it. My sister and I were home-schooled and going to co-ops. Our brother, who lived with his mom, visited us regularly and we always had a blast. Dad worked and kept getting amazing promotions. Mom stayed at home with us and gave my sister and me the best childhood ever.

Now, my family and I have moved to an awesome house this past Summer, my brother has graduated high school, my sister and I are in an impeccable middle and high school, and we have wonderful, wonderful times now and ahead.

Favourite Things Ever

Animal: Cats (Tigers, Lions, Gryphons, Housecats)

Colour: Jewel Tones (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald), Shades of Black

Pencil: 4B

Holiday: Christmas

Book: *rapid shuffling of notebooks* *panting* *deep breath* *explains in essays the size of the Federalist Papers* (In simpler words, it will require several books for me to explain my favourites and their differences)

Game: Skyrim

Song to Listen To: *See “Book”*

Song to Play: Concertino in Ungarischer Weisse

Movie: *See “Book”*

Composer: Wolfgang Mozart

Author: Ted Dekker, Clark Lewis

Play: Hamilton

Play I’ve Been In: Fame

Dessert: Brownies

Restaurant: Jason’s Deli (It has free ice cream, man!)

Anime: *See “Book”*

English word: Lass

Teacher: *See “Book”*

To Do: Make lists, Roleplay, Talk, Learn


I think that’s all that’s necessary for you to know about me. It’s fun writing about yourself! You guys should try it too in the comments and tell me what your favourite stuff is!

Thanks, all!


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