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My Love Life According to Page 206

So there’s this funny thing that’s been going around on the internet. Par for the course. It is “pick up the nearest book to you, flip to page 206. The first full sentence describes your love life.”

Let’s try it out.

“But E, G are prime, primes are also least, and the least measure those which have the same ratio with them the same number of times, the greater the greater and the less the less, that is, the antecedent the antecedent and the consequent the consequent; therefore E measures A the same number of times G measures D.”

I don’t know what I expected from Euclid’s Elements… Let’s try the next one. Webster’s Pocket Thesaurus…


The next book is Webster’s Pocket Dictionary.

The word is “Mackerel.”

Next: a little booklet of the Constitution… No 206th page.

“Billy Budd, Bartleby, and Other Stories” should be amusing. Melville writes such long sentences…

“He added, that it had got into the belfry by the merest chance.”

“It” happens to be a cup.

NEXT! To the bookshelf!

Ahhh, this makes sense. The book is “The Nightingale.”

“There were no more ‘right’ boys in Paris.”

My love life gets better every book I come across. Let’s do the next one, for funsies.

“It was not so much a better principle, as partly his natural good taste, and still more his buckramed habit of clerical decorum, that carried him safely through the latter crisis.”

“The Scarlet Letter” everyone.

How about it? You can try it too and comment your results!

Looking forward to your book selections!


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